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“Always give more service than the customer pays for.”

The objective of these posts are to bring value-added information on a regular, consistent basis to enhance your forklift and industrial tire knowledge, as well as increase your sales. The question I will strive to answer each post is: 

How can you add value to your sales approach for your company, store, and for your customers? 

October 2020 – Safety tips for anyone pressing Forklift tires

Stretch if at all possible, no matter how young and strong you are Use weight distribution and tire tools when moving heavy items – use your legs and not your back when lifting! Safety-Safety-Safety Take your time when pressing – patience “Daniel Son” Clean and inspect wheels for cracks and damages prior to pressing – having prior knowledge can save on the replacement costContinue reading “October 2020 – Safety tips for anyone pressing Forklift tires”

August 2020 – Non-marking tires

Standard black forklift tires have soot added during the manufacturing process for UV radiation protection. UV is a major factor in shortening the lifespan of your tires.vsNon-marking tires, which have silica mixed with antioxidants added during the manufacturing process for UV protection. Silica helps provide low rolling resistance, thereby reducing fuel consumption and harmful emissions, and also servesContinue reading “August 2020 – Non-marking tires”

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