August 2020 – Non-marking tires

Standard black forklift tires have soot added during the manufacturing process for UV radiation protection. UV is a major factor in shortening the lifespan of your tires.
Non-marking tires, which have silica mixed with antioxidants added during the manufacturing process for UV protection. Silica helps provide low rolling resistance, thereby reducing fuel consumption and harmful emissions, and also serves as a bonding agent since the tire contains no carbon black.

Non-marking tires have no anti-static properties meaning that when being used close to flammable materials or explosives, they need to be fitted with earthing or anti-static straps. Non-marking tires are intended for use in warehouses that do not want marked floors, they are also widely used in warehouses containing food or hygiene products especially in pharmaceutical and food processing centers. Non-marking tires normally have a 20-25% shorter lifespan than your standard black tire, in most part due to the lack of carbon black. 

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